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Vacation rental owners can rely on advanced tech to maximize cash flow, manage bookings, and stay ahead of the competition. From smart home features to revenue management tools, owners and hosts can’t go without these must-have tech tools for short-term rentals.

Whether you own a well-established property management company or seek ways to grow your business as a newcomer, we’ve put together effective ways to boost your property management portfolio to attract new owners and increase cash flow.

Travel: It's all about the experience. Touring Bird helps you explore, compare, and book experiences—all in a single place.

Travel: It's all about the experience. Touring Bird helps you explore, compare, and book experiences—all in a single place.

Travel: It's all about the experience. Touring Bird helps you explore, compare, and book experiences—all in a single place.

Considered the grandfather of modern Danish design, architect and designer Arne Jacobsen made significant contributions to architectural functionalism. We discover more about Jacobsen’s mastery, examining his simple but functional designs in minimalist Danish style.

From offering attractive last-minute travel deals to marketing to locals within driving distance, these tricks can go a long way to land bookings for last-minute vacation rentals.

If your vacation home caters to a specific demographic, you could be missing out on reaching that target audience by listing on niche vacation rental websites. From luxury villas in the south of Spain to family-friendly vacation homes that accommodate kids, niche escapes give guests exactly what they want from a short-term rental.

From marketing techniques and advertising to communication, scheduling and concierge services, vacation rentals can look to the hotel industry for ideas to improve business.

In order to keep bookings full and stay ahead of the competition, vacation rental owners need to stay informed about the latest industry trends. Signing up for newsletters provides an excellent source of information in a quick-read format published by some of the most successful figures in the industry.

Vacation rentals need to develop a strong public relations campaign to build a positive reputation and develop the right business relationships. 

Owners need to make sure that when someone goes and searches on social media, the content establishes credibility and convinces guests to book. Here’s what you need to know about social media marketing to get it right for your vacation rental.

If you own or manage a vacation rental, you might want to consider setting up a program with credit cards so your guests can earn or redeem points by booking with you.

Imagine having the ability to accommodate requests from guests during all hours while you remain sound asleep, go out to run errands, or enjoy a meal with your family. Voice-activated smart speakers offer tremendous possibilities for vacation rentals that improve guest experience and automate property management. 

You don’t necessarily have to pay for expensive training courses to learn what works for marketing your vacation rental. You can find plenty of online resources like e-books available for free that teach strategies for vacation rental marketing, how to nurture leads, and close more bookings. 

In an increasingly competitive vacation rental industry, a property owner can maximize revenue and provide better guest experience by investing the time and money completing training. 

Make sure to stay informed about local regulations on vacation homes. You could save yourself thousands in fines, ensure a profitable business, and stay on good terms with your neighbors and community members.

Consistent branding combined with an outstanding guest experience ensures that customers recommend your property to others and keep loyal vacationers coming back. 

Chinese cuisine is distinctive and regionally inspired. Tasted on its native soil, you can really appreciate its depth and variety: from imperial dishes to exotic delicacies, this country has everything. While living in China, I experienced first-hand the country’s rich cuisine culture, filled with unique and, at times, unusual edibles.

For the adventurous spirit, life begins outside of your comfort zone. The world has so many wondrous secrets waiting to be explored. Discover the unexpected in these top adventure vacation ideas around the world.

Popular tourist destinations certainly have their perks, but when going off the beaten path, tourists can experience the true authenticity of a new place while enjoying a non-tourist holiday. At the lesser-known travel destinations below, true adventure seekers can discover incredible hidden gems while avoiding large crowds and kitschy attractions.

Whether you want to stay in a winter wonderland or prefer escaping the cold, these breathtaking vacation destinations should go straight to your bucket list.

10 Surprising Ways Showing Gratitude Will Make Your Life Better

“Thank you” - These two simple words can go a long way. From from helping build stronger relationships to sleeping better at night, feeling thankful has many proven benefits.

Looking for the perfect tropical destination for your next holiday with friends or family? Whether you’re looking to surf, sunbathe, or take just take in the sunset, pack your cutest bikini and plenty of tanning oil for this list of the best tropical vacations every jet-setter should not miss out on.

Ahh, the great outdoors… a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life and reconnect with mother earth. Honking car horns and recurring ringtones transform into chirping birds, singing crickets, and the rustle of wind through the trees. Mountain landscapes offer awe-inspiring views and a way to see the world from new perspectives.

Thousands of years before modern medicine, the civilizations of the Far East began developing health and medicinal practices still in use today. Centuries later, the ancient customs continue to permeate Eastern cultures. You can still see people harnessing their “Qi” in the park as their ancestors did.

Since 2010, Mexico’s jaguar population has risen up to 4,800 from barely 4,000

Wellness retreats give us the opportunity to withdraw from our frenetic lifestyles. A healing holiday allows guests to relax and recharge through spiritual healing, fitness, meditation, yoga, and workshops. Surround yourself with like-minded peopl

New Orleans, Louisiana – home to Jazz, Cajun cuisine, and the annual Mardis Gras debauchery also charms the world with its legends of the occult and the paranormal. Voodoo magic and ghostly sightings all seem to haunt this city, and as they say – where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Believe it or not, many of the scary stories that originate in the Big Easy actually have some basis in fact.

From Indian massacres to Civil War battles, Virginia has plenty of ghost stories hidden within its cities and backwoods. It comes as no surprise considering all of the history that has taken place within this state. Virginia was one of the thirteen original colonies. It also joined the Confederacy during the Civil War, during which Richmond served as the capital city. Touring through Virginia’s many historical locations, one will likely run into a few of its haunted inhabitants.

The Big Easy has become notorious for legends of the paranormal. While walking the French Quarter, visitors can easily pass by some of the most haunted locations in the country.

A two-story brick building greets guests strolling through the cobblestone streets on the east end of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. From the outside, the 300-year-old Public Gaol looks quaint and quiet. Yet some of the most feared pirates, traitors, thieves, and mentally insane used to sit incarcerated inside its chambers. According to those who visit today, the ghosts of the criminals continue to haunt the former colonial jail.

Right in the heart of a bustling city sits an abandoned prison, a haunting world of crumbling cellblocks and vacant guard towers. The shadowy edifice stands in ruin overlooking the cobblestone streets of Fairmont Avenue, Philadelphia. The Eastern State Penitentiary opened in 1829 and functioned as a prison until 1971. While operational it housed some of the era’s most notorious criminals including Al Capone and bank robber, “Slick Willie” Sutton.

By day, Washington Square National Park offers the perfect setting for sipping a latte under a shady tree. Locals gather beneath the park’s grand arches amidst the street performers and chess players. Yet, at night, a darker energy takes over this seemly inviting square in Greenwich Village. Considered New York City’s most haunted neighborhood, this land served a much different purpose prior to becoming a park.

Places where torment took place on a regular basis become hotbeds for paranormal activity, and Virginia’s St. Albans Sanatorium proves no exception. From electroshock therapy to lobotomies, the treatment for the mentally ill at St. Albans caused tremendous suffering for its patients.

As one of the thirteen original colonies, Virginia has seen everything from Indian massacres to pirate raids, the American Revolution to Civil War battles. With so much history hidden in its cities and backwoods, it comes as no surprise that many of Virginia’s historical locations have the reputation for being haunted.

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