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Knowing your love language, you can better express your needs to your partner while also understanding how to make them feel loved in return.

An interspecies friendship between a narwhal, who lost its way, and a pod of belugas shows that, despite our differences, even the least likely of us can become friends.

Wee squirrels in Scotland can now stay safe thanks to a rope bridge suspended between the trees over a road in the northwest Highlands.

Take this quiz to find out which of your chakras needs healing to restore balance into your life.

Taking risks doesn’t mean succeeding every time, and that’s OK! Taking risks can lead to failure which in turn can help you grow as a person.

Popular tourist destinations certainly have their perks, but when going off the beaten path, tourists can experience the true authenticity of a new place while enjoying a non-tourist holiday. At the lesser-known travel destinations below, true adventure seekers can discover incredible hidden gems while avoiding large crowds and kitschy attractions.

The animal guardian represents a type of spiritual guide. Have you ever wonder which animal watches over you? Take this quiz to discover your animal guardian, learn about your strengths, and how to receive messages from nature.

Considered the grandfather of modern Danish design, architect and designer Arne Jacobsen made significant contributions to architectural functionalism. We discover more about Jacobsen’s mastery, examining his simple but functional designs in minimalist Danish style.

10 Surprising Ways Showing Gratitude Will Make Your Life Better

“Thank you” - These two simple words can go a long way. From from helping build stronger relationships to sleeping better at night, feeling thankful has many proven benefits.

Flavors from around the world will satisfy any palette while also making sure that you consume all the right nutrients to stay energized and healthy all week long.

Could wildflowers become the new, natural way to reduce pesticides? Find out how farmers have planted tailored strips of wildflowers to attract pest-eating insects as a means of reducing the need for pesticides.

Thousands of years before modern medicine, the civilizations of the Far East began developing health and medicinal practices still in use today. Centuries later, the ancient customs continue to permeate Eastern cultures. You can still see people harnessing their “Qi” in the park as their ancestors did.

Pets not only make our lives richer, they also help us to live longer. As much as we take care of them, they find ways to take care of us, too. Studies confirm that our animal companions help us in many ways, from boosting immunity to reducing stress. They can even sniff out illnesses using just their sense of smell. So whether you consider yourself a dog-person or cat-person, or maybe you love horses, having a furry friend around can have huge health benefits.

Writing has powerful mental health benefits that promote happiness, creativity, and helps build the life we want to live. You don’t have to be Mark Twain or Jane Austen to consider yourself a writer. Different forms of writing like expressive journaling, creative writing, or jotting down future goals all have proven links to happiness. The research is in. Find out five reasons writing can help you lead a happier life.

We all know the golden rule: treat people how you’d like to be treated. Although, it may sound more like pop psychology, treating people kindly actually does make you happier. In fact, kindness pays off in all kinds of surprising ways from reducing anxiety naturally to living longer.

Since 2010, Mexico’s jaguar population has risen up to 4,800 from barely 4,000

Wellness retreats give us the opportunity to withdraw from our frenetic lifestyles. A healing holiday allows guests to relax and recharge through spiritual healing, fitness, meditation, yoga, and workshops. Surround yourself with like-minded peopl

For yoga beginners or those who have never tried the practice before, even simple, easy poses can do wonders for your health to help you look and feel good.

A whimsical movie brings to life a world of fantasy and imagination with an offbeat charm. Artistically inspired films combine visual beauty with magical storytelling in these delightful stories that will surely lift your spirits.

How to Cope with Suffering According to the Buddha

As much as we want to hold on tight to positive experiences, suffering is inevitable. While that thought can seem discouraging, it can actually empower people: although we cannot avoid hardships, we can change how we respond to painful events in life. Doing so can help relieve the painful emotions that arise from suffering and stress.

When the weather heats up, so do the fashion trends. Whether you make it out to Coachella this year or want to rock the cutest summery looks at a beach BBQ, these boho-chic pieces are an absolute must. Even if you’re short on cash, buying a few signature pieces will create the perfect boho look all summer long.

Have you ever wondered why you dream? The search for an answer is as old as humanity itself.

These everyday practices for handling anxiety can help overcome anxiety and lead to a calmer state of mind.

World music and calming mantras help guide you through your yoga practice.

Positive thinking has tremendous health benefits and can help you relieve stress, reduce depression, and live longer. Studies reveal that positive thinking can even build up a greater resistance to ailments like the common cold.

Coral fragments grown on the existing coral nursery were transplanted onto the 3D reef and in a few years, the coral fragments are expected to colonize the structure.

Despite the declining health of coral reefs worldwide, scientists have found hope in a number flourishing coral communities in the Pacific and western Atlantic. A global organization of academics has teamed up to study the reason that pockets of coral reef have prospered against the odds while so many others struggle for survival.

There are countless ways to make sure your relationship will be one for the ages - and not all of them are obvious.

Looking for a way to feel better and make those around you happier too? Turn off the TV and turn to your closest friends and share some good news. Science suggests sharing positive experiences brings joy to you and the people around you.

The Animal Action Awards also honors everyday heroes who have done extraordinary things for animals.

What does it mean to love yourself? Fourteen women embarked on a journey to find out. Along the way they found pain, happiness, joy, sorrow, guilt, acceptance, poetry, letting go, trusting, relationships, divorce, culture, identity, love and so much more. Loving yourself means loving it all- the good, the bad, and the ugly. As these women shared their stories they discovered that true beauty lies within. 

Those looking to avoid the negative sides of social media need to consider how to use the platforms intentionally in positive, healthy ways.

After graduating from high school, I couldn’t wait for the independence and freedom of college. Still, between juggling classes, studying for exams, and meeting up with friends, things can get pretty busy. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to stop back home to get dressed up to meet with friends. So, I decided to come up with a few hacks to make it easy to switch from daytime chic to nighttime hot with zero effort. I found I could easily turn my daytime looks into the perfect evening outfits with a few of these tricks.

Brave enough to break the mold in a traditionally male-dominated musical genre, iconic women in rock shaped the history of music, paving the way for more female artists to come. With as much to say as any man in the room, these women overcame barriers, proving that they could hang with the boys performing as songwriters, instrumentalists, and singers while being unabashedly themselves.

The quote above comes from the 2015 indie documentary, “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things”. The film, starring Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn, or “The Minimalists”, discusses minimalism, a concept that promotes the virtue of less is more, while also questioning the American ideal that material things bring happiness. The principles of minimalism reveal how we can all take a critical look at the ways we consume as a means to live a more purpose-driven, joyful life.

A little fresh air, the sun on our skin, bare feet in the sand: spending time outside can bring so many small pleasures, making us feel refreshed and revived. Whether it means sitting in your backyard garden sipping a cold iced tea or going for a thrilling white water rafting adventure, finding time to spend outdoors has lots of benefits, some of which you might find surprising!

People underestimate the positive effect of showing gratitude, which keeps many of us from engaging in behavior that would maximize our own—and others’—well-being

We spend so much time worrying about paying the bills, doing our jobs well, and helping our loved ones that sometimes we neglect to take care of ourselves. Still taking the time to take care of yourself will not only make you feel happier but also improve your life in every area.

Whether looking to build stronger relationships with the good people you already know or add more high-value friends into your life, attracting quality people starts with taking responsibility for your actions and how they affect those around you and who you attract. Understanding the qualities to cultivate within yourself will lead the right people to naturally gravitate toward you.

By realizing your worth and embracing your individuality, you will inspire and lift up others to do the same.

Each day presents a new opportunity to grow and become a better person. Still, old habits die hard, and the journey of making big changes doesn’t happen overnight. However, by setting small goals, we give ourselves a better chance of making incremental changes that lead to big improvements over time.

Skincare starts at day one no matter how young you are. Want to achieve healthy, glowing skin? Who doesn’t?! Throw these habits into your beauty regime to clear up blemishes, brighten up your complexion, and have skin looking flawless.

Even if you’re someone who eats a variety of nutritious foods, you can still benefit from taking supplements to help feel your best each and every day.

For two months, workers of Perpetual Guardian received a 5-day pay for 4 days of work. The test was such a success that the company wants to adopt it for good.

By replacing anger with positive emotions of understanding, empathy, and compassion for the one who has hurt us, we release the heavy burden of resentment weighing on the mind and body.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Cooking with the right ingredients can have many major health benefits, and the proof is in the pudding: researchers found that eating healthy foods prevents everything from heart disease and stroke to diabetes and cancer. It goes to show that cooking with the right ingredients not only adds more flavor but also has huge advantages for feeling great. In fact, some medical schools are even teaching cooking as a part of their curriculum to promote health and better eating habits. So make sure to stock your kitchen with a few of these cooking ingredients to get on the path to a better diet.

Between hours of homework and studying, breaking a sweat at the gym, balancing school with friends, I started to feel stressed. Hey, it’s not easy trying to get everything done. So I decided to make a list of all the things I promised myself that I would do: finally read that book collecting dust on the shelf, getting to that yoga class, you know those things we say we’ll do, but that always take a back seat to everything.

The 2015 documentary, Mully, tells the incredible story of an abandoned child turned millionaire who gives it all up to found the Mully Children’s Family, the largest children's rescue, rehabilitation, and development organization in Africa.

Anybody can grasp some of Daosim's key concepts with a few quotes from one of its most important books, the Dao De Jing.

Many may have already heard the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Creating a better world and serving as a source of inspiration, indeed, starts with ourselves. It means recognizing our own worth, recognizing the value in all others, and having the courage to serve our purpose. In doing so, we give permission for others to do the same.

What if by giving more, we got more in return? It may seem counterintuitive, but a new study confirms that generous people actually earn more money.

You choose your friends, not your family, and in many ways, the people we bring into our lives intentionally can mean just as much, if not more. Our friends help us live more meaningful, joyful lives in so many ways, and we should never underappreciate the value of a true friend who supports us through thick and thin.

Regardless of what magazines and advertisers might say, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. Learning to embrace ourselves for who we are, inside and out, resonates confidence and makes us more attractive. Work with what you got!